I will focus on Outcomes and Strategies that support the success of every student in Thompson Valley Schools. As the dad of three students in public schools, two with special needs and a member of a family that values public education, I know focusing on students, engaging parents, and supporting staff we can improve results.

Working together we can create the environment and success we all want. I will be laser focused on these areas:

Safe Schools

  • Students and Staff must be safe
  • Increase Training on District Safety Policies
  • Support Physical and Mental Health Needs
  • Reduce Workload so Teachers can Teach
  • Provide Fair Competitive Compensation

Student Focused

  • Invest in Special Education
  • Support Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Invest in Career and Technical Education
  • Engage Students in Their Education

Academic Success

  • Each student learns grade level content each year
  • Students that excel are challenged
  • Students that need to catch up are provided support
  • Focus on Teaching the Basics
  • Align Spending to Priorities – Direct Funds to Classrooms

Partner with Parents

  • Actively Engage Parents in Student’s Education
  • Respect Parents’ Education Choices
  • Support Parent and Teacher Partnerships

We live in a fast-paced world. It can be difficult to navigate through our shifting circumstances. It is crucial to stay focused on the goals of providing for our children’s academic achievement and safety to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future. We must return to a focus on teaching basic skills and ensure each child is prepared for future success.

Listening to our children, parents, guardians, and educators is key to dialing in on our strengths and the areas we can improve in the classroom, but we can’t stop there. Following up and monitoring our progress will ensure that that our priorities maintain peak effectiveness. We are accountable for every child’s education, and parents and guardians must be our partners in this work.